[MSFS] - Aerosoft – EDDB Berlin Brandenburg Airport v2.1.0

 Being among the most popular MSFS sceneries, Berlin Brandenburg (BER) is now available in version 2!
The DLC covers the capital city’s main and only active airport BER as well as the former Airport Berlin Schönefeld. Fly government personnel and guests to the new reception area with its own terminal and apron, fly tourists on sightseeing flights over the not too distant city center or simply carry freight and/or passengers from one of the terminals.

Being in the center of Europe, BER offers you innumerable opportunities for your occasional after-work flight while the airport also caters for wide body jets that bring you to more distant destinations in the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Note: To use VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System), see “Extras\README.txt”.
Note: To remove various objects on the airport, go to “aerosoft-airport-eddb-berlin-brandenburg\scenery\world\scenery” and rename the following files:

• Remove BER terminal and tower interiors / furniture: eddb_ls_airport_interiors.bgl -> eddb_ls_airport_interiors.bgl.off
• Remove 3D people around airport and inside BER terminal and tower”: eddb_ls_airport_people.bgl -> eddb_ls_airport_people.bgl.off
• Remove Static aircraft: eddb_ls_airport_static.bgl -> eddb_ls_airport_static.bgl.off
• Remove Static vehicles and clutter around stands: eddb_ls_airport_vehicles.bgl -> eddb_ls_airport_vehicles.bgl.off

Note: To remove custom ground traffic, go to “aerosoft-airport-eddb-berlin-brandenburg\scenarii\EDDB_LS_mission_worldscript” and rename the following files:

• Remove Apron E: EDDB_LS_AI_ApronE.spb -> EDDB_LS_AI_ApronE.spb.off
• Remove Roads toward terminal landside: EDDB_LS_AI_Landside01.spb -> EDDB_LS_AI_Landside01.spb.off
• Remove Perimeter security north: EDDB_LS_AI_PerimeterNorth.spb -> EDDB_LS_AI_PerimeterNorth.spb.off
• Remove Perimeter security south: EDDB_LS_AI_PerimeterSouth.spb -> EDDB_LS_AI_PerimeterSouth.spb.off
• Remove Light traffic around BER terminal: EDDB_LS_AI_Terminal_light.spb -> EDDB_LS_AI_Terminal_light.spb.off
• Remove Additional dense traffic around BER terminal: EDDB_LS_AI_Terminal.spb -> EDDB_LS_AI_Terminal.spb.off