[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - TFDi – Boeing 717 –


Boeing Officially Licensed Product The TFDi Design 717 is a Boeing Officially Licensed Product. Produced under license. Boeing and Boeing 717, their distinctive logos, product markings and trade dress are trademarks of The Boeing Company.  Avionics As with most modern aircraft, autoflight takes a major focus in the everyday operation of the aircraft. If you are familiar with the MD-11, you will feel right at home in this aircraft. Great care has been taken in recreating all AFS modes found in the real aircraft, such as NAV (lateral navigation), PROF (vertical navigation), and VOR tracking mode. In addition, full Takeoff Guidance and Autoland capabilities have been integrated with a complete Autothrottle system and Speed Protection modes.  MCDU The flight management system features full weight and balance calculations, including take off and landing performance, climb and descent performance, as well as fuel, time, altitude, and speed predictions. Program your entire flight, with SIDs/STARs, Airways, and HOLDs, complete with company route support, all through 31 simulated pages.  Displays All 6 primary screens have been recreated, featuring a fully operational switching and testing system. In addition to all 11 system display pages, the master caution and master warning systems are simulated with over 100 different alerts and relevant consequences. Also included are full CAWS, GPWS, and TCAS simulations.  Controls The electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, and flight control systems are thoroughly simulated, allowing proper operation of the aircraft in various scenarios. The highly automated nature of many systems on the aircraft give it a straight forward but thorough list of features.  Physical Systems Many distinct features of the aircraft’s systems, such as the electrical no-break-power-transfer system, the DC start fuel pump, APU fuel consumption, and the auxiliary hydraulic pump, have been simulated. The IRS and GNSSU can be independently used as navigation sources. The cockpit can be illuminated by 15 independent and dimmable (where applicable) lights.  Flight Systems The flight controls have been custom-built to accommodate the unique aspects of this aircraft. The dial-a-flap system allows for a selection of a range of flap settings for better takeoff performance. The aerodynamically-positioned flight controls offer an incredibly smooth hand flying experience. Hydraulically-assisted rudder and elevator deflection is also simulated.  Visuals The cockpit and exterior models include details like accurate flight deck dimensions, detailed buttons, switches, and knobs, inner-wing control mechanisms, and realistic surface materials. Other key features include wing flex, hundreds of custom animations, and the ability to interact with nearly every control in the cockpit.  Sounds A high fidelity engine sound pack provided by Turbine Sound Studios is included. The aircraft also features over 750 mastered warning, ambient, and switch sounds recorded from the real flight deck.  Technology The aircraft features a tablet in the flight deck to assist with preflight setup, aircraft settings, Aircraft Sharing, and allows for viewing of documents in-sim. The aircraft also comes equipped with TrueGlass and RealLight. Integration with the REX WX Advantage and Active Sky provides a working weather radar.