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[MSFS] - iniBuilds – KLAX Los Angeles International Airport v1.1.1

To enable SD textures instead of HD textures, rename the following folders (you can delete the unused one in order to save space): 

 • inibuilds-airport-klax-los-angeles\Scenery\airport-klax-losangeles\klax-modelLib\texture -> texture.HD

 • inibuilds-airport-klax-los-angeles\Scenery\airport-klax-losangeles\klax-modelLib\texture.SD -> texture  Note: To remove various objects on the airport, go to “inibuilds-airport-klax-los-angeles\Scenery\airport-klax-losangeles\klax-scene” and rename the following files: 

 • Remove Landside Cars: klax-scene-cars.bgl -> klax-scene-cars.disabled 

• Remove Ground Clutter: klax-scene-clutter.bgl -> klax-scene-clutter.disabled 

• Remove Cargo containers & trollies: klax-scene-cargo.bgl -> klax-scene-cargo.disabled

 • Remove Baggage carts: klax-scene-carts.bgl -> klax-scene-carts.disabled • Remove Belt & container loaders: klax-scene-belts.bgl -> klax-scene-belts.disabled 

• Remove Airside Buses: klax-scene-buses.bgl -> klax-scene-buses.disabled 

• Remove Construction clutter: klax-scene-construction_clutter.bgl -> klax-scene-construction_clutter.disabled 

• Remove Animated Palm Trees: klax-scene-trees.bgl -> klax-scene-trees.disabled 

• Remove Static Aircraft: klax-scene-statics.bgl -> klax-scene-statics.disabled


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