[MSFS] - // 42 – Flow Pro v2023.6.2.23

 Say goodbye to the poorly designed default toolbar. Flow brings a highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate in-game interaction wheel into flight simulation. Our revolutionary menu system challenges the status quo and offers a new and improved way of accessing and interacting with information. Navigating a single row of ever-growing control panels has become an unsightly chore in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 42 is the answer; goodbye toolbar, hello Flow!  Core 

Features (included):  

• Fully resizable interface elements built for individuals with vision impairment and cognitive or motor difficulties to a spec beyond the default toolbar. 
• Access your currently installed MSFS panels, default or 3rd party. 
• Works in-sim without external app requirements. 
• No measurable performance impact. 
• Sleek & intuitive interaction wheel alternative to the default toolbar. 
• Customizable wheel layouts, arrange panels to your needs. 
• Wheel show/hide can be bound to any assignable key/button. 
• Static & Dynamic wheels. Static always show, and Dynamic show only in a specific aircraft. 
• Xbox controller optimized.  Essential Features (included):  
• Portal widget by //42. 
• Weather widget by //42. 
• Time widget by //42. 
• Position widget by //42. 
• Cameras widget by //42. 
• Autopilot 
• Engine Start/Stop 
• Instant Refueling 
•Quit Sim 
• Flaps up/down 
• Aircraft reset 
• Battery Recharge 
• Sim Rate +/- 
• Parking Breaks on/off 
• Door controls 
• Gear controls 
• Lighting controls 
• And more…  

 Features (included):

  • A platform for power users & creators 
• Create scripts (widgets) using basic JavaScript / HTML / CSS • Import / Export scripts you’ve created or received from people you trust using our Flow Manager. • Twitch Integrations for content creators (ATCBot / Chat Overlay) 
• ATCbot widget sends real-time sim data directly into your Twitch chat via community standard commands such as !info !plane, !alt etc. Streamline your setup; it’s all automatic now! 
• Chat Overlay widget displays your Twitch chat directly in the sim. Restrict to highlighted or subscribers only for added. 
• HUDs or Heads Up Display Widgets show data overlays directly in-sim. These include Control Inputs, Outside Forces, & Wind. Let viewers see the work it takes to land an aircraft! 
• “Otto” is a search bar for true power users. Do math or unit conversions, search Wikipedia, execute shorthand, find METAR data, or calculate your Top of Decent. The sky is the limit! 
• And more…

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