[P3Dv5/P3Dv4] - Majestic Software – Dash8 Q-400 Pro – 1.021


The MJC8 Q400 addon for Lockheed Martin Prepar3d 4.x and v5.x is a highly realistic rendition, built after the Bombardier ™ Dash8 Q400 aircraft. There are 2 available editions, differentiating in the price and the included features. 

 “PILOT” is an edition, designed for home flightsimmers, who want a state-of-the-art hardcore add-on but do not require the complex features, such as the instructor panel system monitoring, circuit breakers simulation, failures simulation, or the shared cockpit. 

“PRO” edition is for advanced users, or airline pilots wishing to improve their knowledge of the Dash8 Q400 airplane. This edition has all the features of the PILOT edition, plus the Headup Guidance System simulation, the shared cockpit feature and several more.