[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - LHSimulations – LHBP Budapest International Airport – 2.1.0


The Budapest Liszt Ferenc LHBP airport (former Ferihegy airprort) is Hungary’s biggest airport, connecting Hungary’s capital Budapest with several European destination.  WHAT’S NEW IN V2?  Literally all of the existing objects were enhanced among some new buildings All buildings and objects now have PBR materials for the most realistic look All old objects received 2K resolution textures instead of 1K The ground textures have been completely reworked. Bump, detail textures and rain effect has been added. All jetways are working now! (SODE is required) Dynamic lights on the aprons! New buildings: Economy Terminal, Terminal II PIER, BudCargo, two new DHL building, TNT building, Lufthansa “Balloon” Hangar, WizzAir Hangar, Lufthansa Warehouse, Ibis Hotel, Aeropark (relocated and new planes) Cargo Apron, Foxtrot taxiway Airport (and runways) position has been adjusted to real world one (matches with MSFS)