[MSFS] - Just Flight – FS Traffic v1.0.1

 For over 20 years Just Flight has been bringing your virtual airports and skies to life with AI traffic packages, and with this latest instalment in the series, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is now ‘as busy as it gets’. FS Traffic features a fleet of brand-new aircraft models, all designed from the ground up to exploit the enhanced visuals of Microsoft’s new simulation platform, while still providing excellent FPS/performance. The aircraft include great features such as high definition 4096×4096 livery textures, night lighting textures, custom animations (including engine fans, flaps, spoilers and thrust reversers), custom visual effects (including contrails, engine heat blur, exterior lighting and touchdown smoke), compatibility with airport jetways and ground units, and realistic sounds by Turbine Sound Studios. All these features provide unmatched levels of realism and immersion at a level which can only be achieved in Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Accurate flight plans in your simulator FS traffic adds tens of thousands of real-life commercial flight plans from different time periods, giving full worldwide coverage of commercial airline traffic sourced from the same suppliers that power a number of popular flight tracking websites and apps. Flight plan data covers the summer 2022 schedules and the 2021 and 2019 summer schedules will be made available as free updates after release.  Choose what day of the week you want to fly The time and day of the week set in your flight simulator will determine which flights you see in the simulator. A Tuesday morning will appear vastly different to a Friday afternoon.  Customise your flight plans with the Traffic Control Centre This powerful tool enables you to create new flight plans, add your own aircraft liveries and even add brand-new third-party aircraft models as AI, all included in one simple-to-use app.  Take control over your traffic via the FS Traffic in-sim menu A simple-to-use in-sim menu includes a Traffic Boost feature which allows you to adjust the level of traffic to suit your personal taste, as well as removing and regenerating traffic on the fly.  Negligible impact on FPS/performance The included AI models are built from the ground up to take full advantage of MSFS visuals yet produce no noticeable impact on FPS (when compared to default MSFS Offline Traffic).  Fly using your online networks All aircraft models included with FS Traffic can also be used for model matching when flying on compatible online networks such as VATSIM.