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[MSFS] - BlackBox Simulation – Britten–Norman BN–2A Mk III Trislander v1.1.7

 The Britten-Norman BN2-2A Mk III-2 Trislander. First manufactured in the early 1970’s. The BN2-2A Mk III-2 Trislander features a high main wing with a span of 53 feet, a cruciform empennage, and a fixed tricycle landing gear. The boxy fuselage measures 47 feet, 6 inches nose-to-tail. Two of its three Lycoming O-540-E4C5 six-cylinder piston engines are mounted on the main wing and the third on the vertical Fin just above the horizontal stabiliser. Each spins a Hartzell 2-blade constant-speed propeller. (The Aurigny Aircraft use 3 bladed props on the wing engines to reduce noise)

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