[MSFS] - iniBuilds – KDTW Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport v1.0.1


 To enable SD textures instead of HD textures, rename the following folders (you can delete the unused one in order to save space): 

* inibuilds-airport-kdtw-detroit\Scenery\airport-kdtw-detroit\kdtw-modelib\texture -> texture.HD 

* inibuilds-airport-kdtw-detroit\Scenery\airport-kdtw-detroit\kdtw-modelib\texture.SD -> texture  Note: To remove various objects on the airport, go to “inibuilds-airport-kdtw-detroit\Scenery\airport-kdtw-detroit\kdtw-scene” and rename the following files:  

* Remove Static Aircraft: kdtw-scene-statics.bgl -> kdtw-scene-statics.disabled 

* Remove Airport Animations: kdtw-scene-anims.bgl -> kdtw-scene-anims.disabled 

* Remove Additional GSE: kdtw-scene-gse.bgl -> kdtw-scene-gse.disabled 

* Remove People & Passengers: kdtw-scene-people.bgl -> kdtw-scene-people.disabled 

* Remove Detailed Interiors: kdtw-scene-interiors.bgl -> kdtw-scene-interiors.disabled 

* Remove Landside Cars: kdtw-scene-cars.bgl -> kdtw-scene-cars.disabled 

* Remove 3D Trees: kdtw-scene-trees.bgl -> kdtw-scene-trees.disabled 

* Remove Winter Equipment: kdtw-scene-winter.bgl -> kdtw-scene-winter.disabled


Building upon our previous releases, we’re excited to present our most detailed scenery yet: Detroit Metro Airport. Located in the state of Michigan, KDTW is the primary international airport of the state; being a major hub for Delta airlines, and a base for Spirit Airlines. Detroit serves as Delta’s main gateway to Asia for the Eastern United States, with the airport serving 30 international destinations and serving 39 states across the US.

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