[MSFS] - FSDreamTeam – LSZH Zurich Airport v1.5.0

 This is the latest version of Zurich Kloten for Microsoft Flight Simulator ( 2020 ), a complete remake of one of the most popular add-ons for the most important airport in Switzerland. 

Features:  • Every object made using 100% PBR, with most textures in 4K. 

• Photoreal background image, from a recent flight ( end of 2019 ), from a very high resolution image from the official Swissimage source 

• Very accurate ground markings

• Fully Dynamic lighting, with hundreds of light sources individually placed, for a spectacular night flight experience.

• Most buildings remodeled in higher detail, for 5x more polygons. 

• Highly detailed custom jetways. 

• Sloped runways, with accurate altitude profiles.

• Rega base with highly detailed helicopter models. 

• Animated people on Observation Deck