[MSFS] - Miltech Simulations – Amphibious Ready Group v1.0.0

 An Amphibious Ready Group of the United States Navy consists of a naval element – group of Warships, and a landing force – fleet of aircraft. Together, these elements and supporting units are trained, organized and equipped to perform amphibious operations, such as offensive coastal landings, but have been used in the past for humanitarian, MedVac and transport missions. Amphibious Ready Groups consist of one Landing Helicopter Assault (LHA), a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) and supporting vessels, such as LSDs and Frigates. These typically carry MV-22B Ospreys, F-35Bs, AV8Bs and attack/transport helicopters.  Worldwide, there are normally at least three ARGs deployed at all times, typically one in the Mediterranean Sea, and two in the Western Pacific. Under a slightly different configuration, which may include cruisers, destroyers and submarines, the Amphibious Ready Group then becomes an Expeditionary Strike Group.  Ships and Hard Decks  All ships included in this package are static – otherwise, spawning on the ships, landing challenges and “Bush Trip” missions wouldn’t be possible. However, we do have plans to add moving ships in the future as well. All locations of the USS America are spawnable, and feature both aa “Runway” (Ready to Fly) as well as a “Parking” (Cold and Dark Start) position. All other ships feature Hard Decks, which can be landed on, but are not spawnable. All ships are easily identifiable on the World Map with POIs.