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[MSFS] - DeimoS Inc. – MiG–29 Fulcrum v1.10.3

 The Mikoyan MiG-29; NATO reporting name: Fulcrum is a twin-engine jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. Developed by the Mikoyan design bureau as an air superiority fighter during the 1970s, the MiG-29, along with the larger Sukhoi Su-27, was developed to counter new U.S. fighters such as the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.


• Fully animated external fuselage, including flight surfaces, parachutes, covers, afterburners, acrobatic fumes of various colors, vapor trails, a-vapors and sonic cone 

• The interior cabin is almost completelv animated and has been designed above all for a VR use that makes the flight experience indescribable 

• The flight model has been carefully studied and tested in order to recreate the incredible maneuvering capabilities of the Mig-29 and its indomitable temperament 

• The aircraft is supplied with 16 magnificent liveries

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