[MSFS] - Simaddons – CYYC Calgary International Airport v9.3.3

 Features:  • Airport created with new MSFS SDK = full native, PBR, glTF • Runway and apron ground layout with up to 7 layers.. • A lot own textures and “decals” effects • Full dynamic lighting everywhere • Custom hand placed taxilights (blue and green) • RETIL lights (yellow/green) on rwy 17L/34R • Blinking wigwag lights • VDGS Visual Distance Guidance System on each gate/cargo parking • All gates with ICAO airline codes • Custom ILS/LOC/RNAV, custom approach light mast models • Custom made jetways. Openable hangar doors. ACA and new Westjet • All runways, taxiways and aprons real sloped • New ground service vehicle models, hydrant dispenser, two medium pushback, cargo lifter, stairs vehicle, catering vehicles • Custom made runway markings • Both tower with inside ambient • New WJ hangar, Animal Lounge, Deicing Facility • Animated Calgary Transit Trains, Mowers, Runway Snowplugs • Ski jumping towers at Calgary Olympic Park