[MSFS] - Microsoft – Junkers F 13 v0.1.1

 The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team is delighted to announce the release of Local Legend VI: the Junkers F 13. A breakthrough design that remains iconic to this day, the F 13 was the world’s first all-metal transport aircraft and was hailed as far ahead of its time upon its release. In an era dominated by biplanes with strut-braced wings, the clean, elegant design of the F 13, a low-wing cantilever monoplane requiring no external bracing, left an indelible imprint in the fascinations of people throughout the globe. And now it lives on, exquisitely recreated and ready to fly throughout the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The single-engine F 13, designed at the end of World War I, took its maiden flight on June 25, 1919. Crewed by one or two and able to accommodate up to four passengers, the F 13 would remain in production for more than a decade and in service for more than thirty years, with over 300 built. Early in its lifespan, the F 13 formed the basis for the airline Junkers luftverkehr. One of the world’s first air carriers, Junkers luftverkehr would ultimately form an important component of the German airline Luft Hansa.  The F 13 flew throughout the globe during its operational tenure, hauling both passengers and cargo. It was operated by several airlines in addition to Junkers luftverkehr and Luft Hansa, and it also served in military operations. Its frame was constructed of tubular Duralumin, a hardened allow of Aluminum strengthened by copper, and its exterior was made of corrugated Duralumin sheet metal. The design created an incredibly robust, resilient machine that quickly became renowned for its ability to operate out of just about any airfield in the world.