[MSFS] - Seafront Simulations – Vessels Enhanced AI v2.0.2

 Vessels: Enhanced AI replaces the few default AI leisure boat models with over 50 high-quality, night lit, VFX-enhanced boats. With this pack you will find many varieties of sailboats, catamarans, fishing boats, utility boats, motorboats, superyachts, motoryachts and more around Microsoft Flight Simulator’s coasts.  Overhaul the default AI boat models and give your flights a global scenery boost!  Tips:  • Set Leisure Boat Traffic to 100% for the best results. • Set Ground Wind Speed to 3 knots or above for the best wake effects. • See more here: https://seafrontsims.com/installation  Features:  • More than 50 boats to replace the handful of default ones • Includes High Quality, PBR models • Replaces default AI ‘wanderboat’ leisure boats • Replaces the default routed cargo ships, cruise ships and fishing boats • More regionally accurate models • Navigation and night lighting as standard • Optimised with multiple LODs • Sailing yachts, fishing, utility, cruise, cargo ships of different types and more. • Large ships visible at high altitude 30,000ft+ • Includes wakes and smoke VFX