[MSFS] - PMDG – Boeing 737–700 v3.0.31


The PMDG 737-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator The first installment of the most highly anticipated new airliner product series for Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally here!  Created by the most recognized and experienced team in desktop flight simulation, the PMDG 737-700 is an incredibly detailed, feature rich simulation of the ubiquitous Boeing narrow body. Representing years of work to to leverage the very best that Microsoft Flight Simulator can offer, the PMDG 737-700 is as technically rich as it is visually stunning.  All new models, entirely new textures, a completely new sound environment and tens of thousands of changes, adaptations, improvements and fixes, the PMDG 737-700 is the ultimate realization of flight simulation, forty years in the making.  Features:  • Fully customized system simulation for all major and minor aircraft systems and components. • Highly sophisticated logical simulation of onboard information systems and aircraft management. • PMDG’s customized, flight model with enhanced physics augmentation. • Rigid body physics for wing and tail surfaces. • Fully customized flight control systems with normal, standby and reversionary capability. • Accurate resolution cockpit displays • Interchangeable equipment options for cockpit instrumentation • Numerous user configurable options from throughout the global 737 operator fleet. • Updated 737 options packages reflecting operational improvements and changes to the global 737 fleet. • Full featured failures simulation to cover nearly all QRH scenarios as well as real-world mean time to failure simulations model. • Native PMDG datalink simulation compatible with simBrief integration. • Incandescent and LED lighting packages, as well as fully dimming flight deck lights and annunciators. • Driveable pushback tug. • Customized sound package that leverages advanced sound recording and playback technology for incredible realism. • Sound environment built using recordings from a purpose-instrumented airplane recording effort. • Highly integrated exterior, interior cabin and flight deck sound environments. • Includes the 737-700 in passenger configuration with both blended winglets and split scimitar winglet configurations. • Includes the Boeing Business jet in with both blended winglets and split scimitar winglets configurations. • Includes the 737-700 BDSF freighter with main deck cargo door with blended winglets. • Full set of ground equipment for each aircraft type, including passenger servicing vehicles, VIP vehicles for the BBJ and cargo handling equipment for the BDSF. • Virtual cockpit model, with ultra high detail textures, 3D rendering and reflective properties. • Advanced animations techniques leveraging the new MSFS engine to truly bring the 737 flight deck to life. • Cockpit differences between the passenger, cargo and BBJ airplanes are accurately rendered. • PMDG Operations Center 2.0 for easy livery installation and ease of receiving free product updates from PMDG. • A full featured tutorial will guide you through proper operation of the 737 from power up to power down. • PMDG Simulations Official youTube content to aide new PMDG 737 pilots in getting the most from their purchase. • Free customer support both at our customer forum and directly from our support team if necessary.