[MSFS] - PASI Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport v1.0.0

 Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport is located in the city of Sitka, Alaska in the US. The airport has a single runway 11/29 that is 2195x45M (7200 x 120ft) and is known for the unique location and approaches, with high winds and close proximity to ocean and a dormant volcano. Features:  • PASI (Sitka Airport) layout and buildings upgraded to 2022 • Custom Ground textures and wear • Accurate airport buildings • Reworked custom lighting • Custom reworked airport signs • Updated airport+runway terrain to match real world​ • Sitka Seaplane (No icao code, US FAA id: A29) added • Custom harbor models, breakwater and layout added and updated to 2022 • Seaplane dock added • New suspension bridge landmark connecting Sitka and Airport (Oconnell Bridge)