[MSFS] - FS2Crew – Pushback Express v2.4.8

 Meet PUSHBACK EXPRESS for MSFS PUSHBACK EXPRESS is a professional aircraft pushback solution for MSFS users of all levels who want a vastly more realistic pushback experience than anything currently available.  Now featuring direct integration with the in-game MSFS toolbar as of V2.2, Pushback Express allows you to pushback any plane, anywhere, via Voice or Button control in multiple different languages.  Features:  • Interface options: VOICE CONTROL and MENU CONTROL • As of V2.2, ability to launch and operate the program via the MSFS in-game TOOLBAR via the new FS2CREW COMMAND CENTER • Three pushback modes: RUDDER CONTROL, WINDOW BUTTONS and DISTANCE • Pilot and ground crew AUDIO with multiple international language options • Automated or manual GROUND SERVICE VEHICLE CONTROL using the MSFS stock vehicles (Fuel Truck, Catering Truck, Ground Power Truck, Stairs and Baggage Loader) • Option to steer the tug manually (essentially, create your own custom route) • Works with any type of aircraft: Airline to General Aviation • Ability to “PUSH AND PULL” aircraft • TOWING (requires users to manually steer the tug) • PRE-FLIGHT EVENTS with automatic jetway/starts and ground services vehicles control • VOICE COMMAND HELPER displays on-screen available voice commands (supports English, French, German and Spanish) • In “Distance Pushback Mode”, users can now place a graphical pin over the taxiway line. The pushback tug will push the aircraft back to that spot and align the aircraft with the taxiway line.