[MSFS] - EGSL Andrewsfield Airport v1.0.6


Andrewsfield is a pretty little aerodrome sitting atop a small hillock just North of London in the rolling fields of the Essex countryside. Andrewsfield was built by The United States Army Air Force in 1942 in order to help accommodate the huge swathes of bombers and crew coming over from the US and into the UK to aid the war effort. Originally named ‘Great Saling’, the airfield’s name was changed a year later to Andrews Field in honour of Lieutenant General Frank M Andrews, one of the founders of The United States Army Air Force.  Both the USAAF and RAF flew a number of squadrons and aircraft types from Andrewsfield throughout the war; but the Martin B-26 Marauder was by far the post prevelant of these and will always be the aircraft most closely accociated with the Andrewsfield.