[P3Dv5] - L-1011 TriStar Professional

 The cockpit systems and functionality of the Just Flight L-1011 TriStar have now been expanded and fully upgraded to a truly PROFESSIONAL standard!
This new Professional edition of L-1011 TriStar includes:
 Advanced FMS unit based on the Honeywell HT9100 style FMS/CDU, with LNAV, advisory VNAV and SIDs/STARs
 Fully functioning Flight Engineer’s panel with custom-coded hydraulic, electrical, engine bleed control, fuel and pressurisation systems
 New 3D primary instruments for increased readability and smoothness
 Eight new 2D panels, all easily accessible from a new 2D panel selector
 Copilot call-outs and cabin announcements for added immersion
 Numerous improvements to the flight dynamics, including a more realistic DLC (Direct Lift Control) system
 2D pushback panel for controlling your pushback (distance and angle)
 Many other improvements to functionality, including HF and SELCAL radios, FCES/PFCS overhead panels and oxygen regulators
 Flight Analysis tool – monitor and log your flight using the Flight Analysis tool, including airspeed, altitude and fuel flow parameters. The tool includes Includes the ‘Live Map’ feature for monitoring your current position, speed and flight plan.
 New 160-page colour PDF manual
 P3D v1/v2/v3 compatibility
See the Detailed Description section below for full details of all the new features and upgrades!

 L-1011 TriStar Professional