The next destination for Orbx Southern California is KSAN San Diego International Airport. This busy single-runway airport is situated in San Diego County adjacent to the Mexican border. The airport sits in San Diego harbour, right next to the bay and is located close to central business district. San Diego International Airport, founded in 1928, used to be known as Lindbergh Field, named after Charles Lindbergh who flight tested the Spirit of St. Louis. The first jet scheduled flight at San Diego International Airport was in 1960 using the Boeing720. KSAN also became the first commercial airport in the United States to place restrictions on late night and early morning departures. San Diego has a rich history behind it, and that has most certainly helped it become the busiest single-runway airport in the United States.  Key Features Huge photoreal that covers entire San Diego Metropolitan area Improved airport textures and groundpoly Hundreds of POIs Animated SODE jetways Helipads on Skyscrapers and Hospital Highly rendered reconstruction of San Diego Airport Optimized for good performance Compatible with Orbx Global openLC NA and Orbx Southern California By Matteo Veneziani