[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - Diamond DA62


The Diamond DA62 is one of the most advanced GA aircraft you can buy today. Powered by two turbo-charged 180hp jet-fuel diesel engines, the DA62 features a sleek carbon-composite airframe, advanced avionics, TKS anti-icing, redundant engine control computers, and many more advanced systems.
The Vertex DA62 provides the most realistic and immersive flying experience possible. Every aspect of the Vertex DA62 exhibits unmatched attention to detail – from the 3D models and textures, to the avionics, the aircraft systems, the aerodynamics, the sounds, and the overall user experience.
Fly too high for too long and your virtual pilot will start to feel the effects of oxygen starvation. His vision will fade, you’ll hear rapid breathing and aircraft control will become uncoordinated. If left unchecked you’ll eventually lose complete control of the aircraft. Thankfully the DA62 includes supplemental oxygen to keep hypoxia in check.
Every time you load the Vertex DA62 it will be exactly the way you left it. Every single switch and control in the DA62 cockpit is saved between flights. Fuel, oxygen, de-ice fluid levels, and payload are also saved. Alternatively you can select “cold and dark” or “ready for takeoff” via the DA62 config app

 Diamond DA62