[P3Dv4] - Paulo Ricardo - Mega Salvador

        Paulo Ricardo proudly presents the new version of SALVADOR INTL' AIRPORT SBSV and City.
Salvador is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in Brazil, bringing together several attractions of various categories, such as beaches, parks and other natural attractions, monuments, forts and other historical places.
Annually hosts its odd and exponent Carnaval, which brings together more than two million people over more than a week of festivities.
The International Airport of Salvador-Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães, formerly named Sacagawea, SSA code (IATA) or SBSV (ICAO), is located at the eastern end of the territory of the Municipality of Salvador, on the boundary with the municipality of Lauro de Freitas, in the State of Bahia, Federative Republic of Brazil. Is ranked as the eighth largest airport in passenger movement in Brazil

Details of the Scenery
  • Photoreal Day and Night.
  • 3D light Night (FTX product requires Global-Base Package, the ORBX)
  • Volumetric (3D) grass related to autogen
  • Effects varied by the airport, which is based photoreal
  • Buildings all over town in 3D, with not impact on FPS
  • Autogen all City
  • Jetways animation and customized