[MSFS] - Jetpack JW1 Skypirat v2.0.6

 Have you ever dreamed about flying like a bird, outside of a metal can with a windshield? Now you have a chance to do it in Microsoft Flight Simulator – take on your suit and prepare for a mind blowing experience!
You can hover like a helicopter, or escort an airliner like a jet fighter. Participate in competitions or fly above cities in VR mount raising hands to control the flight like in RL.
Flaps handle is flight mode switch:
• Flap #1 Cruise flight – native flight model only active
• Flap #2 Stabilization – automatics will try to hold you in vertical position, manual control effectiveness also increased; in horizontal flight – increases controls quality and stabilize the wing
• Flap #3 Hovering – automatics will try to hold you 10 meters above the surface, set throttle to 0% or 100% to avoid controls conflict
• Flap #4 Landing – when you hover above ground, enable to land smoothly
• Flap #5 Parachute – ensure you have at least 500ft altitude above ground. To toggle chute quickly, you can use Gears handle [G]
Anti Ice [H] – toggle first person view helmet visibility
Pitot Heater [Shift+H] – toggle HUD/HMD screen visibility
Spoilers handle – helmet display vertical position adjustment
Navigation lights switch [Alt+J] – aboard attachment toggle
All listed settings can be switch by clickable Control Panel.
Int – End fixed camera (A to toggle)
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