[MSFS] - Discus–2c Premium v2.0.1

 The Discus-2c is a single-seat, high-performance sailplane by German glider manufacturer Schempp-Hirth. The sailplane also comes in a front electric sustainer version (FES). The Discus-2c features composite construction, advanced flight control surfaces for precise control, and a state-of-the-art wing design that maximizes glide performance and aerodynamic efficiency. The 18 meter version has a 28.5 aspect ratio and each version has a top speed of 174 miles per hour. One of the most advanced soaring craft ever developed, the incredible Discus-2c allows aviators to master the heights in the purest form of flight. Stay aloft in the mountains by riding ridge lift, circle into a cloud base on thermals, or just glide along silently on laminar air. The Discus-2c allows aviators to become one with the sky.
• Discus-2c (Original) Variant
• Discus-2c (FES) Motor Variant
• Custom LX-Navigation and GPS-Navigation Display
• Built-In Winch Launch and Launch Vehicle System
• Built-In Towplane Connectivity to Multiplayer Aircraft
• 4 Included Thermal Activated Weather Presets
• 4 Base + 6 Premium Liveries
• Custom FES Motor Control Unit with Realistic Thermal Dynamics
• Realistic Flight Model and Polar Curve
• Custom V8 Variometer with Customization, Sounds, Netto/Total Modes, and MacCready Adjustment
• 8k/4k Texture Sets with High Quality 3D Modeling
• Cockpit Customization “On-The-Fly” including Canopy Tints
• Ballast Dump Management System
• Ballast Dump Effects, Vortices Effects, and Landing Effects
• In-Game Checklists and Tooltips
• Interactive Oxygen Tank System
• Custom High Quality Sounds
• Included Wing Wheels and Optional Navigation Lights
• Yawstring with Custom Animations
• Included Got Friends Glider Club Airfield
• Full Kinetic Assistant Compatibility
• Full XCSoar Compatibility