[MSFS] - Seafront Simulations – Vessels The Virgin Islands v1.0.0

 Welcome to the US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands, a paradisiacal archipelago in the Caribbean Sea.
Home to 8 airfields and 2 seaplane bases, we have populated this beautiful chain of islands with nautical life. Take a flight over the recreated marinas and ports that skirt these islands together with typical sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and luxury yachts travelling the coast!
• Set Ship and Ferry Traffic to 10% or more for the best results.
• Set Ground Wind Speed to 3 knots or above for the best wake effects.
• See more here: https://seafrontsims.com/installation
• PBR models
• Night lighting
• Animated vessels
• Adds extra cargo traffic between the Virgin Islands and St Martin