[MSFS] - Roland Laborie – Vought Crusader F8–E v1.0.0 (Update 3)


Note: We have slightly renamed the add-on folder from “rolandlaborie-aircraft-crusader-f8” to “rolandlaborie-aircraft-f8”.

Note: This is the newest version despite the previous one being v1.0.2 (turns out the dev doesn’t increment version numbers).


Vought Crusader F-8-E
– 5 High Resolution Liveries.(3 US, 2 French)
– Highly detailed external model, fully animated.
– Highly detailed 3D internal model (VC), fully animated.
– Air to Air weapons:AIM-9 Sidewinder, Matra 530.
– Air To Ground weapons: AGM-12 Bullpup, MK82.
– Weapons can be fired but are not destructive.
– Hud, map.
– Afterburner-engine sound.