[MSFS] - Red Wing Simulations – LSGG Geneva Airport v0.2.0

Geneva Airport is the second most populous city in Switzerland with 15 millions passengers.
It features a route network of flights mainly to European metropolitan and leisure destinations as well as some long-haul routes to North America, China and the Middle East, amongst them Swiss International Air Line’s only long-haul service (to N .Y.) outside of Zürich
• Airport modeled with PBR 2K& 4K materials
• Main aprons, cargo and maintenances area .
• Hand-placed vegetation, and 3D lighting
• High Resolution Aerial Scenery with custom mesh
• Dynamic lighting
• Customised Animated Glass Jetways
• Static Aircraft from Easy jet, Swiss air, British airways and Lufthansa on apron
• 25 Buildings and hotels in the vicinity
• 40 detailled Buildings in Airport
• 3D animated characters
• Customised ground services
• Special details and vehicles during snow periods
• Geneva Water jet modeled
• Complete historical and technical document