[MSFS] - PILOT’S FSG – LEAL Alicante–Elche Miguel Hernandez Airport v1.5.0

This project is the result of a long development process to replicate Alicante Airport with incredible detail and realism, based on photographic and audio-visual material obtained by ourselves during many photography sessions at the airport, both inside and out.
This allowed us to obtain a wealth of visual references inside and outside the airport area, which has enabled us to make a highly detailed and faithful reconstruction of the real airport for you to enjoy in your flight simulator.
It has been completely reprogrammed for MSFS and includes all changes at the airport since previous versions for other sims.
With PILOT’S Alicante Airport you will be able to enjoy the extensive coverage of the area using high definition aerial imagery and many visual references in the form of buildings and landmarks in both VFR and IFR flights. Explore the cities of Alicante and Elche with many custom made buildings and more, which makes your flight as immersive and realistic as possible.
• 4K resolution textures
• hand made mesh of airport area 1m resolution
• detailled model of inner departure/arrival hall
• Accurate depiction of Elche city/Alicante city
• 3D grass/trees custom vegation
• Realistic shadow rendition
• 3D ALS and runways lights
• Custom buildings for the city, surrounding areas and autogen
• Fully optimized design for great performance and high frame rates