[MSFS] - NZA Simulations – YCBG Cambridge Airport v1.3.0


NZA Simulation’s Proline™ branding represents a new era of flight sim scenery development.
Utilising the latest 2D and 3D design techniques allows the NZA inhouse team to recreate scenery projects accurately and faithfully both inside and out. Using a physically based rendering workflow, you can be sure NZA Proline™ products will look brilliant now and into the future.
Handcrafted Airport – YCBG, Cambridge Aerodrome – Australia, Tasmania
Cambridge Aerodrome (YCBG), is a minor airport located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. It is located only a few kilometres from Hobart International Airport.
Cambridge has been the primary site of aeronautics in Hobart from its opening in the 1920s. In July 1934, the federal government acquired 190 acres of land to establish an aerodrome on the current site. It served as Hobart’s main airport until the International Airport opened in 1956. Today, it is the base of Par Avion, which specialises in day trips and scenic flights around Hobart and the South West Wilderness of Tasmania; the Aeroclub of Southern Tasmania; and Heli Resources, a Helicopter Company that focuses on aerial work and flights in Antarctica.
• 6140+ hand placed objects
• 118 Custom Models
• 57 Custom Unique Buildings
• 8 Custom Modelled Static Aircraft including: – Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander – Air Tractor AT-802 with and without floats – Heli Resources AS350 Squirrel & Bell 212 helicopters – Par Avion & Air Tours Robinson R44s
• 2 Custom Liveries for Flyable Aircraft – C172, both Standard and G1000 Versions. Includes Par Avion Flight Training and Aero Club of Southern Tasmania (VH-KSR)
• New Custom Ground Imagery, faithfully created from the ground up pixel by pixel
• Modelled Interiors of multiple buildings
• 4K Full PBR textures with multiple LOD’s to achieve next level detail whilst maximising performance.
• True to life surrounding scenery with all nearby businesses modelled in high detail and 4k texturing.
• Night Lighting and includes emissive textures such BP stations and other signage.
• Custom Animated Buses and Australian Flag