[MSFS] - Flight Replicas – L–4 Grasshopper v1.0.0


This aircraft comes in three versions, Air Observation Post, General Liaison, and floatplane.
A reprise of the type we first released for FSX, this package is pure MSFS. Thanks to MSFS’s more advanced handling of aerodynamics, and the L-4’s simple but effective instrumentation, you’ll have to keep a sharp eye on airspeed and develop a feel for what the aircraft is doing by also keeping your eyes outside the cockpit. This is what was called “flying by the seat of your pants”, and is a true component of good piloting skills.
You’ll also need to ‘hand prop’ the L-4 to start the engine.
With great visibility and fully opening doors, you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing MSFS world scenery in a way only the L-4 can provide, and understand why historically this aircraft was so prized in WWII. Not to mention the challenge of being able to land almost anywhere, once you know the aircraft well.
Nine paint schemes included:
• 30th Infantry division
• 2nd Armoured Division
• 2nd Infantry Division (D-Day)
• US Navy floatplanes (2 schemes )
• No.4 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force (Pacific Campaign)
• French Air Force liaison
• Post-War Pacific:
• Royal Netherland Indies Air Force (ML-KNIL) (1948)