[MSFS] - Final Approach Simulations – MKJS Sangster International Airport v1.0.0


Note: To add static aircraft, go to “finalapproach-airport-mkjs-sangster\scenery\world\scenery” and rename the following files:
* MKJS-scene.bgl -> MKJS-scene.bgl.nostatic
* MKJS-scene.bgl.static -> MKJS-scene.bgl
Sangster International Airport is Jamaica’s primary hub for tourists visiting the island. Located at Montego Bay, the airport is a hub for the various resorts, beaches, and cruises only a short distance away. With flights from over 30 different airlines, Sangster International regularly sees passengers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany. In addition to international traffic, the airport also has domestic commuter flights to other destinations on the island, located only a short hop away.
• Detailed airport terminal, hangars, and buildings, complete with PBR textures and night lighting.
• Interior modeling of airport check-in, security, and departure halls.
• Optional setting to include real-world static airliners at terminal
• Uses default MSFS animated jetways
• Airport illuminated with lights at night
• Nearby resorts and hotels modeled
• Dozens of additional ground vehicles to enhance the airport
• Static private jets and Cessna 206 commuter aircraft at general aviation parking areas, like those found at the real airport
• Interior of control tower modeled