[MSFS] - // 42 – FreedomFox & Fox2 v2022.26.4.16

 FreedomFox for MSFS was built by Parallel 42 (//42) in collaboration with aviation YouTuber Trent Palmer. “FreedomFox” started off as a Series 5 Kitfox STi. The “STi” stands for STOL Inspired, which is Kitfox Aircraft’s “short take-off and landing” specific wing and landing gear package. The FreedomFox is running a Rotax 915iS Turbocharged/Fuel Injected engine, Beringer Aero wheels & brakes, dual Garmin units, and other custom modifications. Parallel 42 will continue to track the evolution of FreedomFox, and feature updates will be available as long as the sim enables it. Our team worked hard to ensure this representation of FreedomFox behaves as Trent says it should, and having tested it himself, Trent’s signature on the dash validates our final product.
Also based on a Series 5 Kitfox STi, Fox2 is our own project build. We were inspired to create an aircraft that would be competitive in STOL Drag races, think of Fox2 like a sleeper. It may display a 915iS badge, but it’s definitely not factory. It includes an experimental engine upgrade, additional livery options, and thru our mod manager, you’ll find even more in the future. Use Fox2 as a base to build your own #FreedomFox!
There are some features that are on our to-do list that are worth sharing now. They are on hold for various reasons, however, they can be expected in future updates.
• Custom visual effects
• Ambient lighting from displays
• Updating cockpit fuel tubes to transparent
• Various 3D details in and outside the aircraft