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[P3Dv5] - Prepar3D v5 Professional Plus v5.3.17.28160 (x64) [New Links]

 The aviation simulator developed by professional programmers for training of pilots and other tests is called "Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D Professional". Such a game is a true rarity, which can only be found as a last resort, because it was the shareholders of the company building the aircraft that paid the money for writing the program. That's how lucky you are, and by running this miracle on your PC, you will immerse yourself in one of the most brutal simulations where you will have to understand the operation of all devices and systems. But once you understand the principles of interaction between these systems, then you will not enjoy it.
Additional information :
Activator inside the archive
Installation order:
1. Install by setting parameters.
2. Activate the installed edition using Activator (You need to select Professional Plus)
2.a. If the activator gives an error, try an alternative activator from the appropriate folder
3. Play.
System Requirements :
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Dual- or Quad Core 3.0 GHz (Per Core) +
Memory: 4 GB or more
Hard Drive: 30 GB (3 GB for SDK) Solid State Drive (SSD) highly recommended
Graphics card: 4 GB or higher (GDDR5 or better) with DirectX 11 support
What NEws?
Client Fixes and Improvements
Fixed issue causing intermittent stuttering and performance drops in some cases.
Fixed issue causing atmospheric scattering to be misaligned from the sun position in some cases.
Improved performance when processing vector shape data.
Fixed issue causing stars to be dim when Enhanced Atmospherics is disabled.
Improved HTML5 panel performance.
Fixed bug where having mouse yoke active when entering full screen would keep mouse cursor confined to window's previous size.
Fixed crash when reloading a scenario after entering and exiting VR using HTML5 infogen.
Added documentation for new affinity mask capabilities.
Fixed issue preventing visual runway approaches from being available for all runways.
Fixed issue where OpenDIS VariableDatum class did not support more than 128 bytes of data.
Added acceleration to DIS Entity State PDU.
Content Fixes and Improvements
Fixed issue preventing HIMARS textures from displaying correctly.
Scenery Fixes and Improvements
Removed several unused textures.
Fixed position of PAKT runway.

Professional Plus (Full):


Professional (Full)


Academic (Full)


Professional Plus (Client Only)


Professional (Client Only)


Academic (Client Only)


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