[MSFS] - Zhouke Scenery Studio – ZBMZ Manzhouli Xijiao Airport & Manzhouli City v1.0.0


Hello, thank you for downloading the Microsoft Flight Simulator Manzhouli Xijiao International Airport and Manzhouli City Scenery produced by Zhouke Scenery Studio.
This is the second domestic airport work of China I made. This scenery includes Manzhouli Xijiao International Airport and Manzhouli city scenery.
Manzhouli Xijiao International Airport (ZBMZ) is located in Manzhouli City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, 7 kilometers away from the Sino-Russian border and 10 kilometers away from the center of Manzhouli. It is a 4D-level international regional airport, an international four-star airport, and a national first-class airline port.
• Models of Manzhouli Xijiao International Airport Terminal and other airport buildings and facilities.
• Handcrafted ground lines and ground textures.
• Some architectural models use PBR material.
• Manually calibrated ILS to CAT I standard.
• Handcrafted airport exteriors.
• Handmade models of some buildings in the city center of Manzhouli.
• Models of landmark buildings such as China’s National Gate, Russia’s National Gate, National Gate Scenic Spot, and the Pearl of Northern Xinjiang.
• The night view of Manzhouli city is enhanced.
• Corrections to some terrains (such as lakes and rivers) in Manzhouli.
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