[MSFS] - Taburet – Night 3D Denmark – Norway v2.0.0


Night3D first package for Msfs introduce coverage for the whole of Denmark Norway.
What exactly Night3D do to enhance Msfs lights system? Night3D introduce new lamps into the existing ecosystem and is designed to work together with default lights. It is designed to create in the nocturnal Msfs world those little details the night bring with its darkeness. The lamps are strategically positioned to illuninated buildings with emissive 3d light; and reflection taking advanced of new Msfs reflective surfaces.
They are designed to be just a little bit bigger than default lights to enhance their visibility and lighteness. Night3d is a not invasive scenery; it is designed to avoid light overcrowding. Night3d target urban areas where there are buildings; lighting up buildings and roads only in residentials area for the whole country they cover. For example; it will not add light on motorways or major roads; as Msfs is already cover; instead it will light up the residentals roads; buildings courtyards; alleways to mention few. Night3d is designed to make the most of Msfs new materials; it provides light reflections on ground; water; ice; windows; roofs or and any native Msfs material designed to reflect light. Night3D work hard at Night and rest in the day when the lamps are still visible but in ‘Off’ mode. Night3D is strategically positioned to resemble lamposts; we choice a shape and size to make sure it is visible for aircrafts when fly over at night. Although Msfs night world is very different than predecessors flight simulators; visibility for external 3D objects is reduced; we made sure as far as possibile to overcome the limitation by blending Night3D effects with default lights effect to an obvious and sudden loading of light effects.