[MSFS] - RKb. – Minneapolis–St. Paul Bridges v1.0.0


The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota, USA, sit on the Mississippi River where the Minnesota River joins the Mississippi just south of KMSP Minneapolis-St Paul International airport. The St Croix River flows into the Mississippi 20 miles south of St Paul. The Mississippi flows south through Minneapolis center and then turns back north easterly to central St Paul.
This package has 38 bridges. 2 bridges are on the St Croix at Prescott, the confluence of the St Croix and Mississippi rivers. These are the most southerly bridges in the package. There are 4 bridges on the Minnesota River just south of KMSP and the remaining 32 bridges are on the Mississippi. The most northerly bridges are at Camden just north of the Lowry Bridge which is modeled by Asobo. One of the photos shows the covered river sections.
Each bridge is individually modeled with accurate dimensions, and provides a very realistic representation of its style and architecture. Each bridge has appropriate night lighting. These bridges look very realistic and replace the MSFS default dams by day and apartment buildings at night. River traffic and river fixes are also done which greatly improve the Ford Falls/dam and the St Anthony Falls.
POI’s are placed at the start of the package on each river:
• Camden Bridges on Mississippi north of Minneapolis
• Cedar Ave Bridges on Minnesota south west of KMSP
• Prescott Bridges on St Croix at the confluence with Mississippi, 20 miles to south east of St Paul.
• POI’s are also placed at Bridges on the National Register of Historic Places:
• Mendota Bridge
• Franklin Avenue Bridge
• 10th Avenue Bridge
• Ford Bridge
• St Anthony Falls Historic District Bridges
POI’s of some other interesting bridges are placed at:
• Wabasha Bridge
• University of Minnesota Pedestrian Bridge
• Hennepin Suspension Bridge.
Major Airports near the rivers are:
• KMSP Minneapolis St Paul International
• KSTP St Paul Holman Field
• KSGS South St Paul Municipal Airport (Fleming Field)