[MSFS] - Jeppeson2001 – Hogwarts Express Train v1.0.0


Note: World Update 3 (UK & Ireland) scenery must be installed for the scenery to show correctly.

This is a highly detailed animation of the Hogwarts Express Train travelling over Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland.
• 3D Animated Hogwarts Steam Train with wheel system animations.
• Interior modeling of the Train Engine & Carriages
• Train Sounds
• Steam Effects
• 3D modeled Rail Track
• Scenery of the Glenfinnan Railway Station with Platform Announcements
• Highly detailed model of the Glenfinnan Monument which is located next to Loch Shiel.
• PBR Textures
• Detailed Night Lighting
• It comprises of 36 individual animated parts, 6 individual smoke effects, and 8 seperate sound effects
The train travels from a wooded area about 1 mile prior to the Glenfinnan Viaduct, it then proceeds over the viaduct onwards to Glenfinnan Station and beyond, before re-spawning back at the wooded area. The total track length is about 3 miles.
*Please note that the Train is an animation, and therefore is NOT controllable in-sim*​
Along with the already included Glenfinnan Viaduct POI, I have added POI markers at the Glenfinnan Monument, and Glenfinnan Railway Station