[MSFS] - DF.S – MDPP Gregorio Luperon International / Puerto Plata Airport v1.0.0


Puerto Plata airport is located in the Dominican Republic.
It is named after “Gregorio Luperon” who was a Dominican military and State leader in the 19th century.
MDPP is one of the country’s main airports and is capable of handling up to three Boeing 747 at one time.
The airport gets many international flights from Europe, North America and other Caribbean countries.
The airport is connected with regular and seasonal flights from: Germany, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, U.S.A, Canada and various regional flights in the Caribbean.
• Full PBR and HD textures
• New ground poly
• Realistic ground elevations
• Accurate building models/textures
• Static Aircraft with PBR
• Custom Ground Vehicles
• Custom clutter objects
• Custom taxiway signs
• Sloped Runway
• Animated Custom Jetways A4 and A5 (T Jetways not supported by MSFS)
• Terminal Interior
• Realistic night lighting
• Highly optimized