[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - FSD.Team Dallas-Fort Worth (improved)


 Fully customized ground and runways in high resolution, both in FSX and FS9.
 NEW Ground Shaders technology with 100% “Pure FSX” code.
 NEW Bump mapping and Specular mapping on ground, DirectX10 Compatibile! (FSX only)
 Animated custom ground vehicles, and the Skylink Train. (FSX only)
 Elevated taxiways bridges, fully compatible with AI airplanes.(FSX only)
 Fully 3d taxiways lighting, custom runway lights and PAPIs. (FSX only).
 Intensive use of LOD techniques in order to offer the best possible performances.
 High resolution building textures.
 134 Jetways animated with inverse-kinematics in FSX.
 NEW ParkMe™ feature: working SafeGate docking systems with automatic airplane recognition, and parking accuracy evaluation ( FSX only ), available on 133 parking stands!
 NEW YouControl™ feature: custom airport actions with easy on-screen menu to trigger animations, events,etc ( FSX only ).
 AES support in FS9 planned.