[MSFS] - Pilot Exp. S. – LFKJ Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport v1.0.0


Ajaccio Napoleon-Bonaparte international airport (IATA code: AJA • ICAO code: LFKJ), still usually called by its old name “Campo dell’Oro”, is an airport in the Corse-du-Sud department, located in the east of the territory of the municipality of Ajaccio, five kilometers from the city center.
The airport area is bordered to the south-east by the Gulf of Ajaccio.
This airport is open to national and international commercial traffic, scheduled or not, private aircraft, instrument flight (IFR) and visual flight (VFR).
It has a runway 2,407 meters long by 45 meters wide oriented NNE-SSW (02-20) and a short, disused runway, oriented East-West.
It is managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ajaccio and Corse-du-Sud (like Figari Sud Corse airport).
A large number of companies serve Ajaccio which is a targeted city and announces a wide range of destinations.
It goes without saying that the breathtaking panorama and landscapes make Ajaccio an essential airport.
Come and try the incredible and dangerous VPT-A approach to runway 20 or amaze you at the ILS 02 approach
– FPS optimized
– Custom HD design (handmade)
– Up to date realistic representation of the airport
– Advanced ambiant occlusion
– Advanced realistic terra forming
– Sloped runway and realistic terrain profile
– Up to date AFCAD
– Realistic ground design included HD custom textures
– 100% PBR ultra Realistic HD modelization of all buildings in the aera
– Terminal and tower transparency and interior details included
– Detailed Air Corsica hangar included interior
– Custom PBR vehicles included
– Car park designed
– Added many airport custom lights effects
– Added sea flashing buoys
– Added custom runway guard lights
– Added advanced night textures
– Added dynamic spot lights
– Repositioned PAPIs
– Added many custom PBR librairy objects
– Repositioned windsocks