[MSFS] - Footage D. – LEIG Igualada–Odena Airport v1.0.0


“Benvinguts a Igualada, home of the touch & goes”
Igualada aerodrome (LEIG) is a well-known spot amoung student pilots from Sabadell, Girona or Reus flight schools willing to
practise touch & goes without having to pay landing fees.
The city is located 25nm (45km) NW of Barcelona city, next to Montserrat mountain massif and about 15 minutes panoramic flight to Sabadell Airport.
Many activities are carry out in this aerodrom such as training or GA recreative flights, gliders, aerobatics and hot air balloons.
Every year the aerodrom host the airshow “Aerosport – Fira d’Igualada”.
Igualada Airport for MSFS has been built from scratch as per year 2022.
• Accurate building models including Claramunt Castle
• Mix between PBR textures and photo overlays
• Handcrafted runway
• Static Planes
• Custom 3D People
• Custom Terraforming
• Merge with photorealistic sim terrain
• Dynamic lighting
• Highly optimized minimizing texture drawcalls