[MSFS] - BRsimD. – Debonair 35 v1.0.8


The Debonair 35-B33 is an american high performance light aircraft introduced in 1961 by the Beech Aircraft Corporation. The airplane is powered by 225 HP IO-470K and 426 units was built between 1961 and 1965.
Model: Bonanza/Debonair 35-B33
Role: Utility aircraft
Manufacturer: Beechcraft
Introduced: 1961
Produced: 1961-1965
Number built: 426
• 8 liveries
• High detailed interior and exterior 3D models
• 4K textures with full pbr materials
• Custom interior night lighting with individual spotlight for each instrument
• All switches, knobs, levers and handlers operable (including push to test lights and circuit breakers)
• Default gps, backup touchpad gps, transponder, autopilot, radio panel, CDI and ADF
• Static elements (wheel chocks, pitot cover, engine cover and windshield cover)
• Optional digital attitude indicator and optional winglets (above tip tanks)
• Single or dual control collumn
• Tablet to control static elements, windshield cover, baggage door, winglets, digital attitude indicator, backup touchpad gps, cockpit vibrations and copilot control collumn visibility)
• Baggage objects visibility according to baggage station weight
• Operable main door, baggage door and window vent
• Extra wing tip tanks (80 us. gallon total)
• Fuel transfer system for the tip tanks
• Documentation and checklist (including MSFS checklist)
• PMS50 GTN750 external integration