[P3Dv4/P3Dv5 ] - TOGA Projects Add-ons

 ENVSHADE is a new exclusive shaders enhancement for ENVTEX and Prepar3D. It pushes the realism of your simulator even further with highly realistic shaders reacting to many environment variables like weather, time of day, altitude… etc
ENVTEX is a texture enhancement package that will offer a new immersion level to your flight simulation experience with high quality textures and effects that will make your simulator looking as real as never before. It has been developed with FPS and VAS in mind and allows you to have a full control over the performances.
ENVSOUND is a new sound enhancement for Prepar3D and Flight Simulator X. It will bring a new chapter of immersion to your simulator by replacing the lackluster default sounds with a high quality and ultra realistic environmental soundtrack. In just a few clicks, you will get a new layer of immersion added to your flight simulation experience.

Envdir V1.3.2.5 (Required)
Envshade V1.
Envtex V1.2.6.9
Envsound V1.0.3.0