Line up on the „String of Pearls“ and land on Europe’s busiest airport London Heathrow.
The award winning Sim-wings Team has once again pushed the limits of modelling a perfect mega hub with Mega Airport London Heathrow professional representing the actual and up to date stage of its real world counterpart. Find out what commercial aviation is all about by joining the traffic of the world´s third busiest airport.
The scenery covers around 42 square kilometres in total with fully detailed buildings at the airport, including the new T2 and T2B terminals. Fully customized high resolution aerial ground textures, detailed ground markings and the actual taxiway layout with new rapid runway exits and taxiway links make it a perfect rendition while use of LOD technique will give you the best possible performance. There’s even an option to use the still existing old Europier which will be demolished soon.
 Airport London Heathrow with near airport surroundings (about 42 square kilometres in total)
 Fully detailed buildings at the airport
 Safegate and other dockings at all gates
 Includes new T2 and T2B terminals
 Pre-rendered self shadowing and raytraced night lighting
 Fully customized high resolution aerial ground textures (about 30cm/pix) with custom detail textures for taxiways etc.
 Detailed ground markings
 Actual taxiway layout with new rapid runway exits and taxiway links
 Hand placed autogen
 Seamless integration of the ground to the flight simulator
 Remaining Europier terminal can be selected as an option (will soon be demolished)
New in version P3D V4:
 Code (BGLs) recompiled and optimized using new material options with P3D V4 SDK
 All objects optimized for new shadowing techniques
 Dynamic Lighting ( can be disabled partially)
 Ground layout including detailed aerial imagery created according to P3D V4 SDK
 New optimized 3D Runwaylights (will be switched on and off depending on daytime and weather conditions)
 AFCAD approaches changed to Airac 1708
 Adjusted AFCAD parking positions
 New detailed and animated Jetway models (CTRL-J)
 Partially higher resolution textures
 Partial closedown of Terminal 1 (currently under construction)
 Extended configurations menu