[MSFS] - REX Simulations – REX AccuSeason (RIP) v2022.03.02

 Multiple Presets
With REX AccuSeason, you get a large amount of realistic and visually pleasing presets to use in your simulator. Every season has multiple unique presets with more to be added in future updates.
Global Seasons
Seasons are represented globally, with the season in the northern hemisphere opposite of the season in the southern hemisphere. You can fly from New York in autumn and arrive in Buenos Aires with spring vegetation. Or fly out of Sydney in  Australia’s  winter and arrive in Seattle with summer vegetation.
Updates to Regional Vegetation
Many areas in the world have been updated to  reflect vegetation more accurately. Conifer trees  have been replaced in  Iceland  with more applicable vegetation. A large  central part of the United States has been updated to  display deciduous trees rather than a  large conifer forest. Palm trees have been added to many cities where before there were none.
New biomes have been created to depict steppe, tundra, Australian scrublands, New Zealand vegetation, and different conifer regions.  Updating regional vegetation  is a large and ongoing  effort and  many more improvements will be made in the future as we continue to develop further.
Winter Deciduous Trees
Microsoft Flight Simulator snow gives us attractive winter landscapes. To move to the next level, REX AccuSeason offers OUR rendition of deciduous winter trees for all areas where the simulator depicts deciduous trees, and the winter season applies. These trees show significantly less leaves and look great in winter landscapes with or without snow.
Adjust the Tree Height
To further customize your experience, REX AccuSeason  offers three options for tree height: short, medium, and tall.  Additionally, some trees have been  properly  sized  in the app  to reflect more realistic proportions, such as the  massively sized  default trees that display in Sydney, Australia.
Select the Deciduous Tree Canopy
An irregular-shaped canopy for deciduous trees is available in addition to the default shape (which is a rounded canopy). The irregular-shaped canopy makes a nice difference, as deciduous trees  with irregular canopies look more varied in shape. The color within the tree often has more color variation, and colors in general appear deeper and richer.
Select Your Choice of Vegetation’s Overall Color Tone
REX AccuSeason lets you select the overall color tone that looks best to you with a choice of three-color tones: cool, warm, and neutral.
(Description trimmed to reflect what is possible with this RIP)