[MSFS] - Project Coastline Team – Project Coastline Italy & LIRS Grosseto Airport v2.0.5


Explore over 400km/250mi of Italian enhanced coastline, for hours of VFR fun.
Rocks, cliffs, boats, yachts, docks, harbors, marinas, palms, working lighthouses, moving harbor crane lifts, parasols,
night lights, animals, and more have been added to improve the overall quality of the coast, which by default is flat and dull.
Landmarks have been added to the world map so you can easily plan your trip.
The add-on includes so far:
• The whole Tuscany region improved with rocks, marinas, harbors, boats etc.
• The commercial harbors of Genova, La Spezia, Savona-Vado (Liguria).
• The commercial harbors of Cagliari, Olbia, Porto Torres (Sardegna)
• The commercial harbors of Gioia Tauro, Reggio Calabria (Calabria)
• The commercial harbor of Catania, faraglioni di Aci Trezza, Palermo, Messina (Sicily)
• The commercial harbor of Civitavecchia (Lazio)
• The commercial harbor of Trieste (Friuli-Venezia-Giulia)
• Venezia (Veneto)
• The commercial harbor of Bari and Brindisi (Puglia)
• The commercial harbor of Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna)
• The commercial harbor of Naples and Salerno(Campania)
• Astronimical Observatories
• Boats have been added to the whole Italian coast and lakes.
• An optional freeware version of the Grosseto Military Airport LIRS (USAF planes are present just for eye candy).
All the rivers bridges and underwater objects of the 9 photogrammetric Italian cities have been cleaned up. Now all the bridges are visible and not covered in water. The cities are Milan, Verona, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, Catania, Palermo, and Bari.
This mod is fully compatible with the freeware Livorno, Genova, Messina, Cagliari, and Olbia, Trieste (both freeware and Orbx payware) add-ons.