[MSFS] - Marine RM – Yacht and Sailboat Pack – 5 Boats v2.0.0


Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator is a new generation of 3 controllable boats with user-friendly controls, detailed interior, refined textures, water trails, night lights and custom sounds.
They are: Atalaia, a Luxury Yacht with two decks, Formosa, an incredible speedboat of great capacity and Nostalgia, a beautiful sailboat that has three versions with different sail positions.
• Water balance
• Detailed interior
• Start anywhere in the world over water
• Night lights
• Water trails instantly when on the go
• Sounds
• Friendly FPS
How to play:
Start the game at the headland of some seaplane runway, put the engine on 100% and wait a few seconds for the boat to start moving. The water trails start with the slowest speed you are. Boats do not have a reverse engine for the time being, but this will be implemented in an upcoming update. Click Ctrl + L to activate an overnight navigation beacon. Quickly activate and deactivate the landing gear to honk. It is possible to start anywhere in the world on water, read the last paragraph of the following section to understand how.
Important to know:
This add-on will continue to be developed for improvements such as: addition of a rotating steering wheel, animated candle movement and functional instruments such as GPS, radio and speedometer. Soon all models will receive this update.
The amount of water trails is limited by Asobo for now, when this limitation is removed from the SDK boats will have more sprays on the front and sides.
The speed of all boats is limited to less than 20kts for water stability reasons.
Don’t start cold, a boat’s starter function is unrealistic without a panel.