[MSFS] - Got Friends – EA–7 Edgley Optica v1.0.0

 The EA-7 Optica is a single-engine, three-place monoplane produced by British aerospace firm Edgley Aircraft Limited. Built to suit the needs of aerial observation and reconnaissance, the EA-7 has a highly distinctive form, making it instantly recognizable to those familiar with it. It took its first flight on December 14, 1979 and a total of 22 of the model rolled off the assembly line. The EA-7 features a straight main wing with a span of 39 feet, 4 inches, a tricycle landing gear, and a twin-boom tail. The bulbous crew cabin, which maximizes field of view, is located at the very nose of the aircraft. It is propelled by a mid-fuselage ducted fan system that is powered by a 260- horsepower Textron Lycoming IO-540-V4A5D six-cylinder reciprocating engine. Its empennage consists of twin rudders interconnected on their upper extremities by a single horizontal stabilizer. The EA-7 cruises at 81 miles per hour and has a top speed of 132 mph. It has an endurance of eight hours, a range of 650 miles, and a service ceiling of 14,000 feet. One of the most notable purpose-built aircraft in the history of aviation, the EA-7 Optica wows pilots with its exceptional visibility due to its cockpit design and silent performance thanks to its ducted fan. Whether embarking on a low-level flight to explore a favorite terrestrial location, or soaring through the clouds thousands of feet aloft, this unique flyer will always deliver broad, gorgeous panoramas.
• GNS430/330 Set with In-Flight Swappable GTN750 with Full WTT (Working Title Technology) Support
• KAP140 Autopilot System and 9 Pack “Flight Instruments”
• Winter Kit (Attachable Skis) with In-Flight Installing/Removal
• Companion Add-On: Fly with your choice of a Dog, Cat, Both, or None
• Fully Clickable Cockpit with Extra Features and Circuit Breakers
• Realistic Flight Model by Got Gravel
• Landing Effects (Water, Rain, Dirt, Snow, Dry), Exhaust Effects, Heating Effects & Combustion Effects
• 7 Unique Liveries Included