[MSFS] - Hard Deck Simulations – Functional Aircraft Carrier v1.7.0


The carrier module is the first aircraft carrier with functioning catapults and arrestor cables made for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
We set out to design a beautiful and functional aircraft carrier to be used with the vast number of military aircraft addons slated to launch for MSFS. The module was written in such a way that any aircraft, stock or addon, can use the catapults and arrestor cables without any modification to the aircraft itself. The carriers work great in multiplayer.
The carrier module includes two components included in a simple self-installer:
• Scenery – 5 static, detailed Nimitz Class aircraft carriers positioned around the world
• Software – HDS Carrier Module to enable catapult and arrestor cable functionality
This addon does not include any aircraft, however, it works with any stock or addon aircraft you already have.
The addon is simple to use. Once installed you simply run the HDS Carrier Module software in the background while you fly.
Catapult Launch – ***CRASHES MUST BE DISABLED***
The add-on detects when you are lined up for a catapult launch. Your launch speed is automatically calculated based on the physics of your aircraft, meaning the module works with every aircraft from a Cessna to fighter jets to 747s. To launch the aircraft you simply set the parking brake, set full thrust, and release the parking brake to be launch off the deck.
Arrestor Cable Landing
Due to the current limitations of the SDK provided by Microsoft, tailhooks are not yet supported in the game. HDS Carrier Module currently assumes your tailhook is extended at all times (we will update this as the SDK improves). To trigger an arrestor cable landing, simply line up with the runway, and land within the arrestor cables. HDS physics simulates the arrestor cable physics to bring the aircraft to a stop.
Aircraft carriers have been positioned in various locations around the globe:
• Key west – ICAO: CAR1
• San Fransisco (270 at 5 miles) – ICAO: CAR2
• New York – ICAO: CAR3
• Gibraltar – ICAO: CAR4
• Dubai – ICAO: CAR5